Six Best Moments from Jane the Virgin’s Season 2

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Disclaimer: So. Many. Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

So I’ve officially finished season 2 of Jane the Virgin and I stand (okay, sit, because no one really writes standing up) before you whole but not unscathed. I have been seriously wounded and I know that it gets worse and I don’t know if my weak little heart can handle it. However, in spite of all the crazy (though not surprising) loops that season 2 took (seriously, watching this show isn’t just like riding a wild rollercoaster—it’s more like dangling off the side of a rollercoaster as your friend hangs on to the collar of your shirt), it kept me glued to my couch. Though there were moments when I wanted to throw my chancla at the TV, there were also many moments that almost made me leap through the ceiling of my apartment.

Jane and Michael get back together/get engaged/get married

I actually knew this was going to happen because the very first Jane the Virgin episode I ever saw was actually the season finale of season 2–where Jane and Michael get married. So no, I wasn’t too devastated in season one when Jane broke up with Michael because I knew somehow they would find their way back to each other. (I was spoiled about Michael’s eventual fate, but we’re just going to remain in denial about that for now. Season 3 hasn’t happened for me yet, so allow me to stay in my rose-colored bubble for as long as I can).

Maybe I’m biased, but nothing feels more right than Jane and Michael being back together. Their chemistry is incomparable and I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel it when she’s on screen with Rafael. I honestly feel like she had more chemistry with her advisor Johnathan Chavez and would even root for that relationship to blossom before it ever did with Rafael. Rafael is still boring and though the writers have tried to add more life and comedy to him this season, it ends up coming off as forced. The few times I’ve felt Rafael’s true character shine have been when he’s with Petra. I think he pairs off much better with her. However, at this point, I’ve become enamored with Petra’s character and have come to believe that even she, in spite of all her first season villainousness, is too good for Rafael.

Petra gives birth

Yael Grobglas plays Petra’s dark comedy to a flawless beat, and as you can tell from this list, she wins season two by a landslide. (Not that it’s a competition, but if it were…) This new season has given Petra so much more to work with, and she’s quickly become my favorite character on the show. Petra giving birth was an interesting storyline to follow because it’s an excellent way to juxtapose Jane’s own almost magical experience with Petra’s own high-strung, hostile one. For starters, no one was there except for Jane, while Jane was lucky enough to be surrounded by all her loved ones. Petra, for medical reasons, can’t even get a damned epidural to help ease the pain. Hysteria ensues and the audience is entertained.

Petra and Jane becoming friends

Frenemies is really the term that should be used here since Petra is still very insecure, very damaged and very threatened by Jane and all the perfection that she seems to encompass. But Petra needs friendship in her life and she’s not too stubborn to realize that Jane is probably the best choice for a friend she can have. After all, Petra’s stubborn but not stupid.

Petra and Rafael naming their Twins Anna and Elsa

As a hardcore Frozen fan (ask me about my Frozen fanfiction) I screamed when the names of Petra’s twins were revealed. There’s a very magical moment when she and Rafael are picking names and they finally come up with the perfect ones. We’re then left to wonder what they are but at the same time, left to imagine that they’re these two meaningful, poignant names. I think it was a perfect poke at the movie and as a Disney fan (hey, I pay my taxes, okay? I can do whatever I want with my free time!) this has my seal of approval. *STAMP* *STAMP*

Petra secretly helping Jane and Michael buy the house closer to Rafael

If this moment didn’t pull at your heartstrings like a fish on a hook (don’t you just love my clear-cut analogies?) then check your pulse because you might not have a fully functioning heart. This could easily top my list as my number one favorite moment, save for the next one on the list. This was Petra’s first genuine act of selflessness. Not only is she helping Michael and Jane find their dream home, but she’s helping Rafael keep his kid nearby. Petra may not have made the best of choices at the beginning of the show, and she may still have a tendency to run dark, but her heart is in the right place and she’s trying to be better.

Xiomara finally handing Abuela her own ass and calling her out on slut shaming

I don’t hate Alba, but she does make me fantasize about the time I played Sims and locked my character’s mom in a room without doors for the rest of the game. (Don’t worry, she was fine. Apparently, the mother can’t die no matter how long you go without feeding her or how many times you try to set fire to her room.)

When Alba finally came out and admitted that she had lost her virginity before marriage, not only were we all left with our jaws on the floor, but our level of indignation was higher than Jane’s blood alcohol level on her 21st birthday. (Seriously, watch the show. I can’t keep stopping to explain all these references.) “Hypocrite” is probably one of the lightest insults that crossed my mind at that moment. Xiomara had a more reserved tongue, due to the PG-13 rating on the show. Still, she let her mother have it. I couldn’t have been the only one to stand up and applaud when she told her mother she’d spent her whole life slut shaming her when all she had ever done was be a young woman who enjoyed having sex.

Seriously, CAN I GET A BLOODY AMEN?! This speaks not just to Alba but to all the people in their homes so ready to yell “WHORE!” at a woman for simply enjoying a one night stand (or more than one–this is a safe space; there be no judgment here). Yes, Alba was coming from a place of fear, wanting simply to protect her daughter and granddaughter from the shame she herself had been made to endure. But by enforcing these strict “no sex” rules before marriage, not to mention constantly coming down on Xio for her escapades, she did just the opposite instead. Therefore, my absolute favorite moment of season 2 is Santa Alba getting her halo revoked and Jane the Virgin once again tackling real deep issues with that tactical mix of humor and depth that keeps us coming back for more.

I’ll be starting season 3 soon and I know this will be a game changer. I sense that the magic of the show is at risk of dying a little for me. (If you’ve seen season 3 then YOU KNOW WHY.) Still, I have faith in the writers (except for the Rafael situation—I’ve given up on that). There are several other reasons why I love the show and I trust I’ll still be coming back for more, even if just to see how the story pans out. Seriously, if I can make it through all eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, I can make it through anything.

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