Ana looks like Ana, and Maria looks like Maria. Figure it out.

Contrary to popular belief, Ana and Maria have not escaped from an insane asylum. Even if they often may seem to speak in a language only the two of them can understand, they are completely normal people. Most days.

On days when they aren’t planning world domination, deciding to tour the world as a singing duet, or arguing over whether or not it is ethical to take home cats reported as missing, they like to discuss their ideas and opinions with each other.

Their constant patting of each other’s backs has led them to believe that they are right about everything. Therefore, they’ve chosen to share their wisdom with the world in order to hopefully fix their incorrect opinions and lead them to awareness.

Ana’s pastimes include drinking coffee through an IV, kidnapping lost cats, and correcting people by using the word “actually.”

Maria enjoys crying to videos of animals she can’t have, secretly judging people, and searching Web MD for reasons she’s going to die.